Our Mission


Consistently delivers durable and valuable UPVC windows and doors solution. Laxmi UPVC has been market leader in offering a wide range of product and complete solution catering russian order brides to individual, demands of the construction and building industry. Having an experience in Nepalese market Laxmi UPVC has been setting standard quality services and technology up gradation. Based in Chyasal, Lalitpur, the Company house of team of highly skilled and efficient personnel who are dedicated to meet customer specific needs. It aims to have an effective supply chain to become more responsive to customer needs and responding efficiently to changes in market demands. Product excellent is not the end of Laxmi UPVC, Window and Door system with international quality and vested interest in earning its products are notchiefessays.net only well designed but also successfully installed. After Sales team is ready to assist own customers for any information service or help they may need. Our sales professionals always support our customers.