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Why Laxmi UPVC windows and Doors?
– Resistance to Atmospheric conditions and Air pollution
– Dustable & long lasting (More than 30 years)
– With stand weathering, moisture, Air pollution.
– Not rolling on warping.
– NO Discoloration under intense Heat & UV rays.

Maintenance Free
– No Painting Needed.
– Easy to clean.
– Not easy to scratch – high impact strength.

Corrosion Resistance.
– Resistance to Atmospheric Erosion.
– Resistance to Chemical on Corrosion.

Safety, Security and Strength.
– All main profiles are reinforced with galvanized steel.
– Reinforcement
– Fittings and locking mechanism are securely fastened with self – tapping screw into galvanized steel reinforcement.
– Multiple options for locking hardware’s.

Pure properties.
– Self-Extinguished.
– Does not catch fire easily. No spread of fire on propagation.

Excellent Thermal Insulation:
– Low thermal Conductivity
– Multiple Chamber Construction
– Double sealing Weather Gasjet.
– Condensation Resistance.

Excellent Acoustic Insulation
– Welded corner joints
– Reduced air & water infiltration(High threshold construction)
– Multiple clamber construction.
– Double sealing Gasket

Excellent Preservation.
Good sound insulation.
Anti- aging.
Easy maintenance.
Impact resistance.
Environment protection.